Dyson Vacuum Review

To say I’m obsessed with my Dyson vacuum is an understatement! This Dyson V8 Animal Pro Cordfree Vacuum has been such a lifesaver for our new home! It comes with different attachments making it perfect for a

 full, deep home clean while being light enough for a quick everyday pick up! Aside from all the attachments, it can easily transition from floor to carpet, so no more switching out vacuums or heavy attachments to give your rugs and floors a good clean-it’s all now in one cordless piece! It’s super lightweight and can also be used as a handheld-great for those smaller areas or even the car! It also switches between Powerful Suction and Max mode. There’s so many features that I love about which I’ll share in this post as well as a comparison to the newer/older Dyson vacuums below. 

Above are the different attachments including different size brushes with soft and firmer bristles, an extension hose, mini motorized tool and even includes a docking station that attaches to the wall for easy storage. 
This vacuum works great on hardwood floors, carpet, but how about those delicate shag rugs? Well, this picture speaks for itself! I actually used the Powerful Suction mode, not the Max mode here.  Check out that container that was empty before I picked up the cereal believe it or not. So all that extra dust/grime from my “clean” carpet…Yeah, EWW!

This vacuum is super lightweight and easy to hold for all those high, hard to reach areas and love that it can be used as a handheld too when I don’t need the extra length. 


WEIGHT: 5.75 lbs
RUN TIME: about 40 minutes
DUSTBIN: 0.54 L with a horizontal style

Dyson V10

WEIGHT: 5.8 lbs
RUN TIME: about 60 minutes
DUSTBIN: 0.77 L with a vertical style

Dyson V11

RUN TIME: about 60 minutes
WEIGHT: 5.75 lbs
DUSTBIN: 0.77 L with a vertical style

Being familiar with and having the Dyson V8, which in my opinion has amazing suction on regular mode as shown in the photo above, I can’t imagine the suction in the newer versions. Overall, when choosing the best version for you, I would look at suction depending on the area you are cleaning- is it usually just an everyday/weekly general clean or a fairly deep/dirty area? Also, 40 minutes is plenty of time for one use for me, but if you feel like you need more time for one use, it would definitely justify an upgrade.

Hope this was helpful! Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below. 

Happy cleaning!!

Thank you Dyson and QVC for gifting the Dyson V8 Animal Pro Cordfree Vacuum. As always all opinions are my own. 


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