Maternity Photos- Black Maxi Dress From Amazon

It probably would’ve made more sense to get these maternity photos up on the blog before Luke’s birth story, but better late than never 🙂

We took these on February 14, exactly a week before we checked into the hospital to welcome our little boy. I had to cancel our original date because of the flu- it was pretty dreary/rainy on and off that day anyways so it worked out but it was a long 2 weeks of the flu and I don’t miss it one bit lol! I was still battling the flu here, but thankfully just hit the no fever for 24 hours period that day. I still felt horrible haha but knew if we didn’t take the photos then, we didn’t know if we would. Looking back, I started to feel better enough to get out of the house that next Tuesday but it was rainy all week and then started having contractions Thursday, so even if I felt better the weather wouldn’t have been on our side and well he was well on his way out. Anyways, I’m glad we took them, and if you are on the fence- definitely do it!! These pictures are so precious to us, I even had them printed via Chatbooks to have on our coffee table in our living room…btw this post has nothing to do with this, but I do have an active code for you all: MRSSIMPLYLOVELY20 for 20% off your first order in case you’re looking to print some photobooks!

If you’re looking for the perfect maternity photoshoot dress, I highly recommend this one! I ordered 4 off of amazon and loved the fit and feel of this one. I’m 5’4 for reference and wearing these heels. I love that there is a train in the back and the off the shoulder look is so flattering in photos. I will say, the sleeves are a tad bit short and I had the tendency to pull them down because it was freezing that day! That made the top of my dress come down too much in some photos and you all know, I’m not about that cleavage so that was a bummer. Otherwise, I feel like it fit true to size and everything was overall nice and covered.

I wore a strapless bra and these underneath which really helped smooth everything out. I wish I had ordered them long ago to have during my pregnancy! 

Out of the four dresses I ordered, I recommend this one the most, but if you are taking photos on stairs or somewhere you can really fan out your train, this fit/style was amazing as well and the sleeves were a little tighter/longer. It was way too long of a train for this setting, plus it was so windy it would’ve been all over the place, but I can imagine it would be so dramatic in another photo setting! I tried both dresses in black because I knew I wanted to have these hung in my house and just loved the all black look. They both come in more colors, but haven’t tried them out, so I’m not sure they would be as forgiving as far as folds/creases in the fabric since it is a thin jersey type material, but worth a try. I do have a few try on videos at the moment on my Instagram highlights if you do want to see how they all compare on. 

Thanks for stopping by! See you back here on Friday for a roundup of baby and postpartum products that helped us survive the first two weeks with a new born 🙂


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