Gender Reveal

We had the best weekend hosting a Gender Reveal party with some of our closest friends and family. For this Monday’s baby related post, I’m sharing all the details! 

It feels so good to finally stop calling our child “it” haha! My husband was team boy all along and every time I asked him what if it’s going to be a girl, he’s like “I’m in trouble!” Haha! She would have him all wrapped up around his finger! I totally thought it was a girl because so many people said it was because of my morning sickness & major hormonal acne. I always wanted a boy first-I grew up with an older brother & we were only a year and 2 weeks apart so we were always together. I loved it! I would’ve obviously been way over the moon with a girl too! I definitely hope I have a girl one day-it’s like having a built-in BFF/shopping/pedicure buddy lol I’m pretty sure that won’t be the case with this little one. Regardless of what we would’ve had as our first, we would’ve been just as excited and so thankful for a healthy baby and pregnancy so far! 


I won’t bore you with all the food pictures- Romanians obviously go all out for everything and I have the most talented moms & friends who outdid themselves with all of the food and desserts. I mean, look at those fruit platters and my friend’s macaroons are better than the ones I tried in Paris (did I just say that?!) 

There are a few fun details we used that I wanted to make note of… 

Ultrasound pictures are a must 🙂 I can look at them all day haha! Also, check out those blue and pink onesie napkins & pink/blue bow sparkly toothpicks! LOVE!! I also got these blue cups and these pink cups. I didn’t realize they were different sizes when I ordered them, but it worked out and made for good use. We used these white plastic plates with gold dots/rim, these gold utensils, and these blue/pink paper straws. On the island where the main course food was, we put down this pink tablecloth on one half & this blue one on the other. Both are under $20 and such great quality!


Having everyone vote boy/girl was so fun to see! I was so surprised so many people were team boy because I feel like majority of my pregnancy people kept guessing girl. We also wrote on the invite for them to wear pink or blue as their “guess.” I loved seeing everyones outfits & looked so fun in pictures! 

I ordered this set of posters HERE. I was disappointed though because they came just thrown in a box, so they were all folded and ugly. I wasn’t going to use it until last minute because I really wanted to so I sucked up the line and cut the other one to get rid of the fold. I got THIS one in today and it’s exactly the same as the bottom one but much better packaged surrounded by cardboard so it wasn’t damaged, however, in that one the dry erase marker was opened so it was useless haha! Can’t win but I used permanent marker anyways, so if you want the Wives Tales poster, I’d go with this one because of the safer packaging. 


The balloon arch was totally a labor of love, but love how it turned out! We also had a ton of extra leftover balloons so we made a mini arch at the entrance and then above on of the tables. For the backdrop, I bought THIS curtain and my husband built a wooden stand based on it’s measurements. It isn’t completely opaque- it covered the tv/fireplace but you could only see the tv when it was one- they’re great quality in my opinion and weren’t very see through so I was pleased. I used a thick wire through the hole across the top and wrapped it around two nails on the top of the arch. We only had to put one nail in the curtain in the middle to hold it up straight. Originally, we were going to staple it all across but this was great because it caused minimal damage. It made for the perfect backdrop and will definitely get use out of it again for many more events/parties to come. We did a similar thing for our wedding and added tulle on top of a white curtain and string lights behind it-lots of different ways to get creative with it and much cheaper option than getting a pre-made one! As far as the balloons/what I used for the arch, I’ll link the exact ones I ordered at the end of this post. 


Originally, we were going to use these cannon confetti poppers with powder. My friend used them for her reveal and they looked amazing and shot over 30 feet up! It ended up being a rainy weekend, so that was not an option anymore and it was too late to order cannons without powder so I went to Hobby Lobby and got these ones. They worked so well and was so happy we did it all indoors. If you saw in the video though, mine almost came out as one huge ball and then came down separately after it hit the fan… my husband’s came out as confetti from the get-go so I wonder if maybe shaking it gently helps. Another tip I was told and we did was to shoot pretty straight up not out that way it falls on you and when/if you get pics you can see the confetti coming down vs it shooting towards and blocking the camera. 

Also, another confetti tip! Get a bunch of them to have for group pictures too! For privacy reasons, I won’t share family/group pics but we took some group pictures and everyone was dressed in pink and blue and confetti was everywhere. They looked so cool!

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