Favorite Eye Products & Review

I love sharing my favorite products with you all, especially when they are tried, true, and hard to find a replacement for. If I would buy it again or refill it when it runs out, it’s a product I highly recommend and definitely need to share with you all!! Here’s my review & why I love these eye products:


I LOVE this little gadget! It’s a quartz stone eye roller that stays cool. I rub it around my eyes almost every morning or if I feel like my eyes need a little pick me up and it helps with eye puffiness, fatigue, and that cold just feels like it wake me up. I’ve had it for over a year and have kept it in the fridge using it while I made coffee but the other week, I took it with me to the bathroom to use it a few times while I got ready because I felt like my bags were huge! I kept using it and realized it stayed cold! I’ve been keeping it in my bathroom drawer since and seems to keep its cooling magic in or out of the fridge. Cold helps decrease inflammation aka the puffiness under your eyes and the rolling around helps promote circulation so it’s a sure way to wake up those puffy eyes-no products needed!


Please do your research before using any kind of eyelash serum and this can’t be used pregnant btw BUT I have gone through two bottles of this in cycles over the years and it really does make your lashes nice, long and thick! I do have eyelash extensions on since April, but plan on using this again when I get the ok after baby/breastfeeding etc. You basically apply it really close to your lash line every night. Make sure you put it on as the last thing before you get some shut eye aka after phone time/reading before bed that way you don’t blink it all away AND get it close to your lash line so you don’t have crazy random hairs growing on your eyelid haha! It did burn a little for me at first but nothing bad and seemed to get better with time. After about 3-4 weeks you should notice a difference if used consistently and then by week 6ish you’ll have nice long lashes! When you get them to where you want them, you can start using it about every 2-3 days. If you stop cold turkey, your lashes will eventually go back down to normal after a few months as they continue to cycle through normal lash growth. I also used lash boost which is another lash serum product but you have to get that through a rep and found you get the same results in the end. Also, I will note, a little goes a long way… I feel like by the time you finish the tube your lashes are around where you would want them to be and then a second tube will last you twice as long or more to maintain them. It’s pricey but if you’re used to extensions its a way cheaper, less maintenance alternative and hello! You basically get a new set of your very own long, thick lashes which, I mean, who doesn’t want that!? 

TULA EYE BALM (MRS 20 for 20% off site wide)

I feel like a broken record talking about this product but I LOVE it and got so many friends hooked on it! It’s a cooling eyebalm that you swipe under your eyes leaving a cooling sensation that wakes your eyes up and a pearly luminescent glow under your eyes. I usually apply a few layers but be careful to really blend it in or go up to your hairline so you don’t have a cutoff from the pearly residue. I put this on usually first thing after moisturizer. There is a newer version with rose products in it that leaves a warmer tint. I haven’t tried it but read that the rose products helps with aging and have had followers say that it’s not as cooling but leaves a warmer tone residue whereas the blue on leaves more of a pearly cool tone residue. I haven’t tried it, but can if you all really want me to. I just have like two more new tubes of this one because it sold out so many times and didn’t want to ever not have one on hand because I loved it so much lol!


Ok, so I am most definitely not an eye cream expert, but I feel like the reviews on this product speak for themselves. The reason I give it five stars and it made it on this list is because even after just using it one night I could tell a huge difference with the skin around my eyes- it felt super soft and moisturized- and that was just after one use! I know the container is really small and it’s pricey, but a little goes a long way and they do have sales often as well as discount kits available. 


These are great if you work in an office setting or have a lot of screen time throughout the day. These come in a ton of different colors and around $20. They block blue light that’s reflected off of screens preventing eye fatigue and that tired eye feeling you feel after hours spent on the computer. I used them a ton while in nurse practitioner school since most of my studying/work was on the computer and noticed a big difference vs when I didn’t wear them. 


Last but not least is this concealer. I use shade fair light neutral which gives a very bright under eye and completely covers any dark circles. If you like a more blended in under eye, I would go up a shade. I usually will put on primer, cover blemishes with this using and a wet beauty blender, put on foundation/tinted moisturizer then use this under my eyes. I do the blemishes first since it’s a brighter shade so it doesn’t stand out on top of the foundation/tinted moisturizer.

The best deal I found going on now is HERE which includes the beauty blender. With code TAKE10 you can get it all for $22 including shipping (normally it’s $43)!! You can also buy it from Ulta or Sephora.

Let me know if you have any questions or if there are any other categories you want me to round up tried and true favorites in the comments below!


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