White Shoes & Workout Tips

I recently started back into my workout routine, so I’m partnering with Famous Footwear to share my tips to staying fit this summer featuring these cute white workout shoes. They’re so easily dressed down for a workout to errands or dressed up for a date night with a dress or casual day out with jean shorts. These shoes super versatile and add the perfect pop to any outfit!

One of my favorite parts of getting back into my workout routine is stocking up on cute workout clothes and shoes! Nothing gets me more motivated to workout than cute workout outfits, am I right? I usually shift towards brighter colors for summer, but love the pop of brightness these shoes add to an all black outfit. Because they’re white, they would look cute with any outfit, even non-workout ones like with jean shorts & a tank. They’re also great for summer activities where you’ll be walking around a lot like and want to be comfortable. They fit true to size and come in a few other colors. 

If you don’t have a fitness routine, I highly recommend finding something you enjoy to get your body moving! It is so important for your heart, body, and mind! I recently started working out again and let me tell you, it feels SO good! There is something about that post workout feel that makes you feel amazing and helps you make better choices throughout the day/week! 

When I work out, I feel:
-clear minded
-and ready to tackle the rest of my to do list! 

Some of my biggest tips to stay active in the summertime and keep up a fitness routine is to schedule it on your to-do list and make it a priority. I try to get my workouts in as early in the day as possible. Sometimes I wake up feeling overwhelmed with my list o things to do and feel like working out is the last thing I have time for, but it’s the opposite! When I workout, I feel more motivated and focused to tackle my to do list with the help of all the happy endorphins I have floating around the rest of the day 🙂 I find when I keep pushing my workouts to the end of the day, I either don’t get them done or I get stressed out to check it off and it feels more like a burden than something that’s enjoyable. 

If you’re ready to get into a fitness routine, check out these cute shoes from Famous Footwear to get you started, find something you love whether that’s dancing, cardio, swimming, tennis…whatever it may be and have yourself an active, healthy summer!


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