RStheCON Outfit Details & Recap

JUMPSUIT (XS. Softest jumpsuit ever!) || SHOES (Wearing 8. On sale HERE & new style on sale HERE) || BAG (also HERE) || LUGGAGE (not pictured but on sale) || WATCH

Thank you so much for following along this past weekend at the RewardStyle Conference. It was an absolute dream to attend and so thankful to YOU ALL for making this happen! I wanted to dedicate a post that shares every single outfit detail from the weekend and a mini recap including one of the most traumatic experiences of my life! I’m talking major freak out moment haha!

I’ll share all that at the end, but as far as sizing goes I’ll share what size I’m wearing for reference, so many of you girls have been here since day one and know what size to order based on my sizing- so please take it as that- a reference. I’m 5/4, 114 and normally wear 7-7.5 in shoes. I know online shopping can be hard and a lot of these items are online exclusives so I hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any questions in the comment section below 🙂 Enjoy! 

DRESS (S & similar color maxi I recently wore on sale HERE) || BAG (more colors & also sold HERE) || SUNGLASSES || SHOES (7.5. So many colors and so comfortable!) || WATCH

TOP (XS. More colors) || SHORTS (0. These are miracle shorts! They don’t wrinkle it’s crazy! Black version I got HERE) || SHOES (wearing 7.5 but should’ve stuck to 7… new style HERE) || WATCH || BAG

DRESS (XS) || PHONE CASE || SHOES (7. More colors) || WATCH || BAG

LEFT (7.5) || RIGHT (7)
Both are extremely comfortable & come in tons of colors!!


DRESS (S) || SHOES (7.5… fit well but my feet are wider so I think 8 would’ve fit a tiny bit better, although they are super soft so I think they’ll stretch a little) || BAG (more colors & also sold HERE) || WATCH || SUNGLASSES

DRESSES: PURPLE DRESS (XS) || STRIPED JUMPSUIT (XS) || PINK RUFFLE DRESS (wearing 2 because 0 was sold out, but fit a little large so I’d say it’s TTS & 0 would’ve fit perfect….comes in black too)

DRESS (S. Gorgeous zipper detail in the back) || SHOES (7.5. Similar on sale HERE) || BAG || WATCH 

BLAZER (0) || TANK (XS) || JEANS (24S but size down one if available) || SHOES (7. More colors options) || BAG || WATCH

JUMPSUIT (c/o XS… love this without a blazer too because it has thicker straps so can wear a normal bra) || BLAZER (0) || SHOES (7) || WATCH || BAG

SWEATER (S & comes in 3 colors plus a light pink HERE) || SCRUNCHIE c/o || LINKED ALL THE MAKEUP PRODUCTS & MAKEUP BAG I USED HERE

Now for the recap on the weekend…. If you’ve never heard about the RewardStyle Conference a.k.a RStheCon, it is basically an invite only conference where you learn ways to grow your business based on the newest technology, statistics, and tips from others in the industry. RewardStyle is the mother company of which a lot of bloggers use to link items for you all to shop. During the conference, there are classes, times allotted to meet with different brands, get the opportunity to try some of their latest products, and enjoy lunches/parties hosted by some of the biggest companies that are a part of RewardStyle.

 I honestly bought my ticket as soon as I got the invitation without being certain I was actually going to attend. Last year I was invited for the first time, but I kept going back and forth whether or not to go and by the time I checked back, the event sold out. I ended up asking other bloggers I knew if they were going, found girls that needed a roommate and bought my plane ticket a few weeks before and still didn’t think I was going haha! I mean I wanted to, but talk about intimidating! There are over 200 bloggers, some that I looked up to before I started and let’s just say the comparison game can get kind of crazy. After getting my schedule a few days beforehand and seeing the list of brands that were going to be there, I knew I had to go and push all my insecurities aside! 

I was still a little nervous headed that way, but in my head, knew this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity and I was going to make the most of it. I flew in, called an Uber and touched up in the car. I took my rings off to put on tinted moisturizer, got to the hotel, checked in my room and met one of my roommates for the first time in person. We started talking and I touched my finger out of habit and no wedding rings! Talk about going pale faced panic mode trying not to act like a crazy person in front of someone you just met! I literally freaked out! I mean I’m an ER nurse and can hold it together and so thankful she was there because it forced me to stay somewhat calm but OMG I was panicking! I was already nervous about the weekend & losing my rings would’ve put a major damper on the weekend and lets just say the rest of my life haha! Ok, maybe I’m being dramatic, but you tell me how you feel if you ever lose your rings in a strangers car not knowing if you’ll get them back in a foreign place where you’re going to spend a whole weekend around a huge group of people you don’t know lol! Thankfully after calling him over and over again for about an hour he picked up his phone and returned my rings within 30 minutes. God bless his soul because there are so many different ways this could’ve gone… well maybe just one- my rings could’ve been gone forever.

Anyways, after that whole situation, I wasn’t nervous at all! Like, I’m introverted, I can be shy and quiet or insecure, I can put myself down for things I say or do, but not once did I compare myself to other girls, feel overwhelmed or nervous about anything the whole weekend! I went up to bloggers I met before and others I looked up to, I wasn’t scared to talk to brands or anyone for that matter, and if you still don’t believe me, at one of the luncheons, my table left to their meetings/whatever they had next in their schedule and I sat at our table by myself for another 15 minutes helping myself to thirds & dessert in a huge room full of bloggers eating with their friends and I didn’t even try to distract myself with my phone or felt awkward one bit. I’m telling you, I could care less what anyone thought of me or if I looked like a loser haha! Now my first blogger event in NYFW was a completely different story and I was freaking out the whole entire time, so it definitely helped to know a few familiar faces this weekend that I met then, but I’m telling you all this to emphasize how important it is to be yourself and not to worry about what other people think about you! I had my set goals in my head, knew why I decided to come to the conference and didn’t compromise my beliefs or myself for any part of it. 

Anyways, I hope you found that story amusing and I’m weirdly thankful it happened because it truly put everything into perspective. After going through those two hours of sheer panic, I couldn’t be any more grateful of how it all played out. As soon as I got my rings back, I was so overwhelmed that I knew no nerve-wracking moment of the conference or any social anxiety could make me feel the way I did in that moment and sometimes it’s all about focusing on perspective. 

Thank you all again for making this weekend possible! I wouldn’t have been able to go if it weren’t for your constant love and support so thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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