Amazon Fashion Spring Try-On

Happy WEEKEND!! Today I want to share outfit details on my recent Amazon Fashion haul.

I spent almost 5 hours a few weeks ago going through Amazon, reading reviews, etc trying to find the best pieces to share with you all! I feel like it can definitely be a hit or miss, but will give you the ins and outs of everything from this haul (compliments of Amazon Associates) and am happy to answer any questions you have. So, without further adieu, let’s start with my favorite item from the haul…..


DRESS (wearing S) || SHOES (the best wedges & comes in tons of colors!)

This dress is so gorgeous! I love the ruffle detail, the color, the quality… everything! I feel like it’s something I could’ve gotten from a boutique with double the price tag. It comes in more colors, is very flowy, has pockets and the elastic bands are super stretchy. I would recommend wearing some kind of spanx underneath. Also, be mindful of the length… I’m 5’4 and if you look at the picture above, you can see how high the slits come up for reference, so I’m not sure I would recommend it if you’re super tall. Otherwise, I have no complaints on this dress. 


TANK (more colors) || LEGGINGS || SHOES (true to size & more colors…..more expensive alternative HERE)

This whole outfit is from Amazon (minus the sports bra which is super old). 

Let’s start with the racerback tank… It comes in a ton of colors and love how loose and flowy it is especially under the arms, but still not revealing. You can definitely play around with mixing/matching different sports bras and tank colors for a fun workout look. I sized up in hope that it would be long enough to cover the back, but it’s not. Personal preference, but I feel more comfortable going from workout to errands with a tank that covers the back. It wold be perfect with shorts too though and in that case, would probably go down one size to an XS to decrease some of the length. Still a great basic tank, for sure!

Leggings are great especially for the price! They are stretchy, don’t feel like cheap material, and have pockets on both sided of the thigh. There are so many colors to choose from including longer lengths, but I love the cropped look headed into Spring. The only downside is that they do feel like they stretch out with wear a bit. It’s not a huge downside, since they’re workout leggings and you only wear them for workouts/etc vs an everyday legging, but it can be a little annoying.

Shoes… I got these as my workout sneakers. I have this pair that I raved about so many times, but these are a great less expensive alternative. They do have memory foam at the bottom, but I don’t feel a difference in comfort between the two. The biggest difference I noticed was that the inside is a little more plastic-y feeling compared to my other pair. It’s hard to explain because it’s not in a bad way and wouldn’t have noticed if I didn’t have the other pair to compare, but initially, they felt a little cheaper in quality. I still do recommend them, and don’t feel like you will be disappointed! They are comfortable, fun color options, and I wear them to do my at home workouts with zero complaints. 


I addressed the shoes in the photo above, but the leggings are amazing! I loved them as soon as I put them on and was super impressed by the quality. Some faux leather leggings on the inexpensive side can look very cheap/garbage bag-y, but I didn’t think these did at all. I will say though, after wearing them around to run errands, they did loosen up throughout the day especially behind the knees. For that reason, if you’re between sizes, I would size down, but if you’re blessed with a bigger basement, I wouldn’t in order to prevent a camel toe. Again, for the price I highly recommend them and the style is just adorable! If you are looking for great leather leggings that don’t lost shape I recommend THESE (actually on sale right now!). I don’t workout in them because I feel like they are too pretty haha but I could wear them a hundred times in a row and won’t lose its shape. 

The tank is a basic cotton tank, but love the low arm holes to give it a stylish look.



I love the shape and fit of this dress! It ties at the waist, has a good bit of stretchy without being too body con and the slight off the shoulder detail is flattering especially for a date night. Also, hello pockets! It’s very versatile and would look great for work with or without a blazer thrown over. I would recommend spanx with these and I will say you get what you pay for. It is a stretchy material and although the style is super cute, it’s not your stiff, structured, fancy workwear dress. Also, you can barely tell, but it does bunch a little bit at the skirt. I don’t feel like it’s a size too small because it’s not tight throughout, so I’m not sure sizing up would fix this, I think it’s more the material. Regardless, if you need a basic cotton dress with a little extra style you can wear maybe a few times, I recommend it. If you want a great quality workwear dress, pass. 


This top is adorable especially for the price! The sleeves are fun and add a little flare to any outfit whether or not you dress up or down. I think it would look adorable with jeans, but also tucked into a skirt or high-waisted pants to a cute workwear look. 


I love these and found that they truly do work! I was skeptical, but figured for the price, I’ll do you all a favor and try them out haha and so glad I did!! They came in handy when I was studying for my NP exam because I would be at the computer for a good 8-10 hours. When I sit on my phone/computer too long, my eyes get super tired and feel like they’re burning/I need to just keep rubbing them. I would try to take a 20-30 minute nap thinking maybe I am just tired, but could never fall asleep so I knew it was just screen time. I wore these, and I didn’t get that sensation at all. I also still couldn’t believe it so I would try going without and could tell a huge difference. Also, if I forget to wear them when I work on blog posts/on the computer now, I remember when I start feeling my eyes burn and after putting them on and continuing working, it eventually goes away. If you’re skeptical, I get it, but I would definitely give them a shot! 


There are a couple random beauty buys that I also want to share I think you guys will love:

FAVORITE SELF TANNER: “Favorite” is a strong work, but this is one I always keep coming back to. I usually go with “dark” but tried “ultra dark” this time and it really is super dark. I love it because I feel like it lasts a little longer although “dark” is still a good dark color and does look more natural if you’re not going for the “woah, she looks really dark” vibe OR if you’re not experienced because you can definitely see the mess-ups a whole lot more. I also don’t recommend two hour express vs the regular- it doesn’t last long in my opinion.

FAVORITE TANNING MIT: Whatever self tanner you end up using, do yourself a favor and use this mitt. Hands down the best at blending and giving you an even spread.

VITAMIN E OIL: I saw so many people rave about this on Instagram and on the reviews, so I decided to give it a try. I was very nervous because my face is so sensitive and break out really easy with almost anything new I try, especially oily products. I had a couple breakouts that left spots on my face recently that looked red like a pimple, but wasn’t raised and hadn’t been raised for a good week or two-they were just stubborn and wouldn’t go away. Anyways, I didn’t break out at all from it and I feel like it really helped the spots tone down. I really wish I took pictures before/after, but I just didn’t think it was actually going to work. I have been using it 1-2 times a week and recommend it even for the moisture benefits if you have dry skin. I also mixed it with my body lotion to give a little bit of an extra boost in moisture. 

MAKEUPBAG: I feel like this product needs its own blog post, it’s that good! I can’t believe the price for the quality! It’s a hard, sturdy bottom and the inside compartments are adjustable so you can move them around however you want to fit pretty much anything. You can also not use the compartments at all and just have an open space. I also love the top flap because it is plastic making it easy to clean! So much room, such an amazing price and currently on sale!

Hope you all loved this post and hope it answered some of your questions after doing the try-on on my Instagram (it’s saved on my highlights if you missed it). I will be rounding up a few random Amazon finds I have been loving soon, so keep a lookout for that post. 

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