2018 Blog Goals & Basic Long Sleeve

Here’s to the first official blog post of 2018!!
I wanted to start with, well, the basics. Literally. I also want to share a few changes coming to you on here so stay tune for that at the end.

If you’ve seen my last blog post recapping 2017, I shared 15 items that were most popular in 2017 and I was pleasantly surprised that majority of the times were basics. I love that you all love basics as much as I do!

This long sleeve white long sleeve tee is one I can’t part with anytime soon. It’s great for layering under jackets, sweaters, cardigans, scarves, but also looks great alone or imagine it with shorts/skirts into spring. I loved it so much I even bought one to wear under my scrubs at work! I really love it because it’s stretchy & moves with you, so it feels like a second skin, but not too tight/strangling either. 

If you’re looking for more versatile basics, here ones I have been keeping on repeat & come in more colors! 

Now for the blog goals I mentioned earlier. 2017 felt like a cluster when it came to my blog. I started 2017 with writing five blog posts a week, then went down to random days skipping here & there. Some weeks I would post consistently, others I would disappear for long periods of time. I would also find myself scrambling to post something just to post which didn’t do me or you any good. It was just a mess and always felt like I wanted to do more, but didn’t have the time/didn’t have a plan to make that happen. 

If you watch my stories, I did a poll last week to get an idea of what you guys would like from mrssimplylovely.com and it looks like you all wanted to see more fashion than lifestyle, more casual vs fancy, and were ok with 1-2 blog posts a day rather than 3-5. Also, remember those “Friday Fives” I used to do? Well, you all clearly want those to come back!

So…. here’s the plan! 
-I will be post every Tuesday & Friday
-Friday Fives will make their comeback, but will be the last Friday of every month unless it needs to be moved up a week or two for campaign reasons. 
-I need your help! Since I am doing less blog posts, I want them to be things you actually want to see and not just “here’s my outfit, it’s so cute! I’m obsessed! And, oh, it’s so cute” lol!

 Please leave a comment below of what you would like to see on here & I will start planning them out for you all!
LONG SLEEVE TEE (wearing XS, I wear XXS for under scrubs) || JEANS (similar by same brand sold HERE– I sized up one size) || BOOTIES (similar on sale HERE) || BAG (dupe for less than $40 HERE) || SCARF || KNIT HAT || LIPS

Thanks as always for stopping by & in advanced for your feedback 🙂 It means so much!


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