The Coziest Cardigan of the Season

You have probably seen this cardigan on everyone and their mother by now, but I can totally understand why!

This is probably the most cozy cardigan I have ever owned and I literally felt like I was walking around in a blanket. It’s amazing! I had to go with the pink version, but there are more colors available including a light grey that I also love. I have linked a few places below that collectively have all sizes available. If you’re one to check out materials before buying, this one does have a little bit of wool in it, but it’s super soft and not itchy at all! It really does help keep you warm though despite all the holes! This is one I will keep around even into the Spring!

I did want to mention that these booties are on sale! I talked about the sale a bit in my last post in case you missed it. There are still a few more days to take advantage of some great winter or gift items! Also, I’m not sure if I talked about these jeans, but they fit like a glove and super comfortable! I love the distress and especially the hems, I’m just too short to wear them unfolded with booties lol! 
CARDIGAN (wearing XS/S, more sizes HERE) || TANK (wearing size 4, similar I have and love, HERE) || JEANS (true to size) || SHOES || BAG || LIPS (“Mehr”)

I meant to get this post up on Monday to try to get into posting Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, but that was a total fail! I ended up working Monday & Tuesday and those are usually the busiest days in the Emergency Department, and I am beat! I did talk a little bit of how I had a lot of school stuff to do on my IG stories but wanted to share a little tip with you all in case you’re ever on the same boat where it’s hard to tackle your to-do list when you don’t know where to start. I woke up feeling super overwhelmed, although I have been all week thinking of all the stuff I needed to do, and almost didn’t want to do anything because the thought of addressing anything on the list made me even more overwhelmed. So, I updated my agenda, wrote down everything that needed to be done for the rest of the week and decided to spend 15 minutes on the most important thing on the list…. you could do anything for 15 minutes. This mentality sounded way better than thinking of the fact that one task will take me hours to complete and there were an endless amount of them. If it’s something I dread, I can get some of it done in 15 minutes and move on to something else before coming back to it again. Usually after the first 15 minutes, I am more motivated to just finish it rather than move on to another task. Also, I used to do the easiest of tasks first even if they weren’t priority, but would end up at the end of the day even more stressed because what was most important would still be unfinished making me have to stay up late to try to get it done instead of having some downtime before bed. I did this today and it made me feel on top of my game haha! 

Hope that helps if you’re like me and it’s hard to get motivated and stay focused at times. It definitely made my day go by so much smoother and I feel so productive!


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