Stripe Peplum Top & Life Update

I bought this striped peplum way back in August when I wore it with shorts, but remains a great staple into fall!

The best part about it is that it’s only $35 & the sleeves are tighter making it easy to layer under cardigans or jackets! I’m wearing an XS for reference and feel like it fits perfectly especially for layering. It also comes in a black version with white stripes which I think would look so cute with black jeans or even for a workwear look with a pretty necklace.

I want to mention these shoes really quick too before the life update because they are currently on sale! I have been loving the side v-shaped detail in shoes lately as you may have noticed! It just gives an extra super cute detail to open or closed toe booties! I also live in the south, so our temperatures stay pretty mild well into the end of November/December, so I don’t have to worry about being too cold with the extra skin. I sized up half a size in these. Also, they are definitely more of a light grey/taupe-y color. They look darker & more tan online. 

TOP (also in black with white stripes, Tee Shirt version HERE) || JEANS (similar I wear all the time HERE) || BOOTIES (more colors & on sale!) || BAG || LIPGLOSS (“Snob”) || CURLS

Now for a life update…. where do I begin! Nothing is very “new,” but I definitely can testify that the past week or two have been everything but easy! I worked at two random ERs I’ve never worked at before which was a complete learning curve & super stressful! Last week was also the final week of a 10-week course (I’m in school to become a nurse practitioner if you’re new here) that has been nothing short of torture lol! Dramatic, but seriously the toughest class ever & created so much unnecessary anxiety & sleepless nights. It was just paper after paper and grades were based more on how well the teacher felt you did rather than a concrete grade like you get taking a test. Anyways, I learned a lot but SO glad it’s over and done with! SO glad! That gets me one class closer to starting clinicals in December, which makes me excited that I’m one step closer to finishing. One day at a time! 

So, with all that being said, I realized that I can’t take this anymore & needed to make some changes before I had a complete mental break down and lost it! Again, dramatic, but throughout the week I kept thinking of the countless comments I get that “I don’t know how you do it” and just want to let you know that it’s always going to look that way from the outside and want to tell you once again that it’s not always that way from the inside. I have struggles, but these past two weeks I felt completely defeated and almost gave up on everything… but I also realized that there are always going to be struggles & things of my control. At the same time, there are things that I can control that I stopped doing or at least change my perspective on certain things. I stopped working out, I have been putting God, prayer, and devotions on the backburner, I ate a ton of crap I normally don’t eat, and I sacrificed sleep to get things done that maybe could have waited. All of these things keep me “sane” but neglected them & that made me miserable! So, with that being said, this week is a fresh slate. I may not have thirty minutes to work out, but I do have five… I may not have “time” to read my Bible-although my goal is to make this priororty- but I do have the power to say Thank you God for giving me a job or Thank you God for giving me the opportunity to go back to school instead of complaining about them. I may not be having a great week, but being aware of the heartbreaking things going on in our world right now brings me back to the reality that I need to count my blessings. I realized that life is tough, and whether your a student, worker, mother, caregiver, whatever, you have the power to turn a tough situation into a good one. Stay positive, count your blessings, ask the Lord for strength, and most of all remember that this too shall pass. 

Anyways, I’m never really this open about life on here because I know we all have problems, but I do hope this encourages even just one of you to stay positive and gives you the motivation to get through the week! Thanks for stopping by! See you back on Wednesday! XO!


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  1. Unknown wrote:

    I enjoyed reading this post because I am also in NP school and I am taking advanced patho in a 11-week time frame and I'm about to go crazy. The constant studying on my days off is insane and like you, I haven't worked out or eaten right and those things usually make me feel better! I am going to try and start working out and eating better and hope it helps with all this stress! We got this, girl! December is just right around the corner, right?!


    Posted 10.10.17 Reply
    • simplylovely wrote:

      So cool! I didn't know you were in NP school too! & OMG that class was SO hard! I'm in pharm right now and dyinggggg! It makes me even more nervous to think that I'll be the one to do the prescribing because there is so much to learn! But yes, I'm totally going to try to be a little better to my body too! We have to! These 4 hour nights and eating on the go has started to catch up on me and can't last like this another year+. Are you done in December or just finally a little break?

      Posted 10.24.17 Reply
  2. Unknown wrote:

    You’ll get through this girl!! And I love your honesty and transparency, because I totally think every person can relate to this battle in some way, myself included!! No ones life is rainbows and butterflies all the time. Love you girl!

    Taylor |

    Posted 10.11.17 Reply
    • simplylovely wrote:

      Aww thanks sweet friend! Means a ton!! Love you!

      Posted 10.24.17 Reply