Infused Water Favorites & Tie Front Tops

If you have a hard time drinking water or have a bad soda habit, this post it for you! My husband and I love infused water and have tried a few different combinations that we love and want to share!

My husband LOVES coke (on the daily) and although I rarely drink soda, I wasn’t drinking nearly enough water. When we started drinking infused water, my husband stopped drinking coke and I found myself pouring glass after glass of the infused water because it was just so good an refreshing!

A few months ago I asked you all what some of your favorite flavored water combos are. I was able to try some of them and oh my goodness they are SO good! 

If you’ve never heard of infused water, you basically just add fruits, vegetables, or herbs to your water which leaves such a tasteful aroma when you drink it… kind of like juice, but way more light and refreshing. Whenever we eat out I always ask for lemons with my water, so you can definitely keep it simple to one type of flavor or mix a bunch of different ones together. For this post, I’m going to keep it to favorite combos, but we have tried just one flavor and you really can’t go wrong with that either if you want to keep it simple. Keep scrolling for a list of different options… The first 8 are our go-to combos. The rest are other options you all have shared that sound amazing!!


Raspberry + Lemon
Raspberry + Lemon + Mint
Raspberry + Mint
Strawberry + Mint
Strawberry + Lemon
Lemon + Cucumber
Lemon + Lime
Cucumber + Lime + Strawberry + Mint
Lemon + Lime + Orange
Grapefruit + Rosemary
Pineapple + Lime
Strawberry + Basil
Strawberry + Lemon + Basil
Strawberry + Lime + Cucumber
Lemon + Mint
Watermelon + Mint
Cucumber + Mint
Cucumber + Berries
Lemon + Raspberry + Rosemary
Orange + Blueberry + Basil


-Let it sit in the fridge for a few hours to let the flavors really come out before drinking.
– The more you put, the stronger the flavor. I use this tip when I mix herbs like mint where I add a little bit of mint and a whole lot of everything else. This gives a tiny bit of mint aroma without being too strong.
-Keep refilling for about 2-3 days before switching out the flavors. (The fruit/veggies will start to absorb water and swell… perfectly normal. Some of them last longer than others, so you can kind of tell when it’s time to switch especially since it stays in the fridge).


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Let me know if you all have any infused water favorites! I’d love to hear in the comments below! 🙂



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