Two Ways To Wear One Top

My favorite part of off the shoulder tops is that they are so versatile! Most of them can be worn off the shoulders, on the shoulders, or even just one shoulder and still look good. I’m going to show you all how I wore this top two different ways. It’s only $25 and comes in 5 colors!

I have bought a few off the shoulder tops and dresses that I accidentally wore the “wrong” way (based on the online pictures form the store) and didn’t even notice. Sometimes I even liked it better that way haha! That’s the beauty of fashion 🙂 

Here are a few pictures of this top off the shoulders:
Below is how I styled this top on the shoulder. I love that there is still enough length to go around, so you don’t have to worry about your belly peeking through on the sides. It’s also more comfortable because you although the shoulders stay in place well, I’m always self conscious when I lift my arms, etc. 

This off the shoulder top style was super popular last year and is definitely sticking around this summer. BTW, this top is only $25 and comes in a few colors. I’m wearing an S for reference (I usually wear an XS). I bought a few larger sizes in case this was too short, but they just got too big around the off the shoulder part and this one is just enough length anyways. 

Which style do you like better?


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