15 Off The Shoulder Tops Under $50

How adorable is this off the shoulder top?! It has all the biggest summer trends in one: crisp white, embroidered details, ruffles and of course, it’s off the shoulder. The off the shoulder trend was 

huge last year and was definitely here to stay this summer! I was honestly a little nervous to wear them last year because I didn’t know if I could pull them off, but can’t stop this year! 

I wore this top in particular in Punta Cana was it two weeks ago?! I’m losing track of time, but I couldn’t help shooting it in front of our favorite spot- the coffee & dessert shop! Their caramel frappuccinos were my favorite, although they didn’t last very long in the heat lol! They also had fun, yummy desserts and a huge ice cream box that spun around! I’ll have to do a blog post reviewing the resort soon; it has been highly requested! Back to the top… I love that it is fully lined because white can be a little picky if it’s not lined. Depending what look you’re going for, I found that it also works on the shoulders 🙂

I’m trying to control myself when it comes to buying more off the shoulder tops than I have time to wear, but I do want to share fifteen favorites that I have/been eyeing. They can get a little pricey so I am sticking to ones that are under $50! Keep scrolling to see my picks 🙂


TOP (wearing a S) || JEAN SHORTS (on sale for $25; I’ve had these for years and still like new!) || SUNGLASSES (also in black) || SANDALS (a ton of colors available! I wish I got the cognac!) || LIPGLOSS (In Snob)

Of course there are SOOO many more to choose from but I rounded up a few new release favorites. If you want to see some off the shoulder tops I have worn recently you can always search “off the shoulder” in my search bar and it’ll take you to posts that have “off the shoulder” anything in them. HERE is the list from the search and there are a few more off the shoulder tops and dresses on my Instagram 🙂 


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