Ruffle Sleeves & Buttons

Where did the weekend go?! Monday came in with a bang for me so I wanted to brighten up your day with this $13 top in case you’re on the same boat.

I love the ruffle sleeves, but the buttons down the back are what caught my eye (and the stripes of course). It reminds me of the “Miss Mary Mac, Mac, Mac all dressed in black, black, black with silver buttons…all down her back, back, back” clapping game! Total 90s kid right here! lol! My sisters and I used to play that game all the time. I also want to share a similar top I found with bows down the back that comes in a few colors and super cute! 

These sunnies are another favorite because they are only $12 and I wear them all the time. I have been loving reflector lenses lately!

TOP (similar version with bows on the back) || JEANS (similar HERE) || SHOES (this year’s style HERE) ||BAG || LIPS || SUNNIES

Side note, it’s Bachelor Monday again! I honestly don’t know if I’ll be keeping up this season (eek!). I usually just watch it for fun with friends to have an excuse to get together and eat a bunch of junk haha, but were all so busy today and not really excited about this season… I feel like we pretty much already met all the guys on a bunch of different shows the last few months. Are any of you guys watching?!


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