Floral Kimono

I am all about kimonos! They are perfect for Spring time to 

throw on over anything: tanks, dresses, shorts, swimsuits, etc. I also love having them at hand when I am out and about in the Summer because it can get chilly at night or inside restaurants. It also dresses up any basics like I did in these pictures. 

This one is from Piace Boutique and is only like $34! The florals are gorgeous and I love that it is all black with pops of color. If you’re looking for more of their kimonos, click HERE. They also have a ton of affordable items throughout the site I know you all will love if you’re in search for some Spring/Summer items.

Also, these shoes are a must have if you’re on the hunt for nude heels! I have them in this color and had to have another. Several of you have asked about comfort, and they are comfy and easy to walk in because of the heel. My feet are on the wider end though (thanks dad lol!) so when they get uncomfy after a few hours, I feel them around my toes first. I know a few people that have narrow feet and don’t have that problem 🙂
KIMONO || SHOES || LIPS (linking similar tanks & jeans in the widgets)

Hope you are all off to a great week!


thank you Piace Boutique for sponsoring today’s post

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