Stripes & Collars

Sometime last week was apparently “National Stripes Day” and I am not sure how I didn’t know that day even existed because I LOOOVEEEE stripes!

It’s so funny how there’s a holiday for literally everything haha! But really why not celebrate the little things! I paired this top which is like $13?! with black pants, but it would also look so good with white jeans too! This top also comes in blue and white stripes which I love, but have been buying so much blue lately, I decided to tone it down some. And these wedges, I won’t go into them again lol! You all know they’re one of my faves!

TOP c/o (blue & white stripes HERE)  || JEANS (similar HERE) || SHOES (this year’s version HERE) || BAG || WATCH || LIPS

Also, side note, some of you all have brought up some worries of buying things from this site. It does take while to ship, but if it’s not something I love, it wouldn’t be posted here! That obviously goes unsaid, but just in case. Also, my main tip to let your “hit to misses” with the site be only “hits” is look at the reviews. I have never ordered anything that didn’t have a review on/a picture of a real person wearing it & also, the sizing charts have been spot on for me 🙂 I hope that helps!


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