Blue Bell Sleeve Dress

If I’m not your go-to girl for bell sleeves or ruffles by now, I want to know who is! Haha! Totally kidding but, 

I just can’t get enough of this trend. Every time I see them I’m like I’ll take one of each please! This dress is no different. I’ve talked about it on my Instagram a few times and it’ll definitely be on repeat the next few months! It’s such a light & effortless dress than can be worn dressed up or down.

Also, I still get questions about these wedges and if you’re going back and forth on them, you NEED them! They finally got restocked (in multiple colors too!) and they never stay in stock long! I wear them ALL. THE. TIME. I even wore them all day Saturday and my feet didn’t hurt at all. I do wear bandaids at the back of the straps though (FYI). I wore them for the first time in the beginning of the year when we went to Cali and got blisters at the back from the strap, but haven’t had a problem with them when I do wear bandaids. And the straps are thick enough so you can’t even see them peek through 🙂 #win I also linked the dupes below.
DRESS || HAT (similar HERE) || WEDGES (dupes HERE) || WATCH || LIPS


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