Off The Shoulder Obsessed

The off the shoulder trend is one I hope will stick around for a while longer. I am loving the bolder off the shoulder tops this season! I feel like last year 

they were more simple. This year it’s all about the huge ruffles, bell sleeves, big bows, etc making the off the shoulder trend even more lovable. I love this top in particular. I love the embroidered details and the double ruffle layers. So cute! I will link a few more off the shoulder tops in the widgets I have bought/have been eyeing in case you all are on the hunt for some 🙂

Also, real quick about these shoes… they are SOOO comfy! And if you’re not a fan of the pink, they literally come in every color. The heel isn’t super high, so it makes it really easy to walk in so your feet don’t start aching a few hours into wearing them. #winning
TOP (c/o) || JEANS (similar HERE) || SHOES || BAG: Chanel Boy Bag || LIPS || WATCH

I hope you all had a great Monday! Today was my last day of orientation (hallelujah!) and I was all about turning my frowns upside down today #badcaseofthemondays! First, I ordered Starbucks off the app and it automatically defaulted to a different location so I walk in like I own the place to grab my drink and bagel and… nothing. So I look at my app to see where it sent it and I’m just like ugh! Then I was like it’s ok, I’m not late and there was no line so I tried to keep it cool haha! Then I got a speeding ticket on my way home jamming to music with the windows down and not a care in the world lol But, he was so generous and let me go with the least amount he could, so although I’m sitting here counting on my fingers how many hours I’m going to have to work to pay that instead of go shopping, it could’ve been more or the situation could’ve turned way worse than just getting caught speeding. 

Anyways, I hope your Monday was good to you 🙂 And if it wasn’t, look at the positive side of your day and I assure you you’ll forget the “bad part” of your Monday. And if you don’t, tomorrow’s Tuesday so either way you’re golden haha! XO


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