Lookin’ All Professional + 40% off Bag

Nothing makes an outfit more put together than a nice statement bag. You all know my love for
designer handbags, but I’m all about affordable handbags especially when the quality & style compares to a more expensive one. 

I paired this cute leather bag from Cocovann with an outfit I wore to an interview a few weeks ago. It really added a classy touch to my “trying to look professional” outfit. It is the perfect size and such great quality! I wore it on my arm for this outfit, but it comes with a adjustable cross body strap so you can wear a few other ways like on your shoulder or across your chest. 

 I always chuckle at myself on the rare occasions when I have to get all dressed up in professional clothes- I’m talking like corporate office outfits: pencil skirts, pant suits, etc because when I was growing up I always wanted to get a job that I could get all cute and dressed up like that for. Now, I’m so thankful I can just throw on some scrubs (aka pajamas) on work days and dress up cute & casual the rest of the week. Best of both worlds 🙂

Now time for some good news! You can get my bag, or any of the ones from their Winter collection, for 40% off with the code: SIMPLYLOVELY40. The code starts today and goes on until March 21st 🙂

BLAZER (last year from ViciDolls. Similar style HERE-need this!) || TANK (major closet staple & comes in 6 colors) || PANTS (these are “Martin-Fit” which looks like they don’t make anymore, but linked an identical pair) || SHOES (similar HERE) || BAG c/o 40% off with code: SIMPLYLOVELY40 || LIPS

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