Grey Off The Shoulder Sweater

Happy Monday dolls!! 
I hope you all had a great weekend! My weekend was so fun! It was my husband’s birthday so
I had a whole weekend of surprises for him including bowling & arcade, little presents throughout the weekend, and dinner. I love spoiling him!
Now for this outfit, I’m loving this color combo! I feel like I had a “pink” streak a few weeks ago and now have been on a monochrome trend haha! Oops! But, this off the shoulder sweater comes in pink & blue if you’re not feeling the grey 🙂 I actually like the pink better, but felt like I was buying too much pink lately haha! It’s super soft and the shoulder part can be adjusted to be more of a boat neck or more off the shoulder. I have it about halfway down as far as it will go. It isn’t stretchy so it’ll only go so far if that makes sense.

I’m about to head out to watch the Bachelor with a few of my girlfriends. Every week, I still can’t believe I’m still watching it haha! But we’re so competitive with the fantasy questions every week & love that we have an excuse to hang out every week! XO!

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