My Christmas Home Tour

I can’t believe how fast this Christmas season has been flying by! Please, slow down! It has been such a busy past few weeks that I need to remind myself to slow down and enjoy the holidays. 

 I was planning on getting this post up earlier this week, but I have been so sick. I’m feeling a lot better (thanks to everyone for your sweet comments on Instagram), but still pretty weak and still can’t eat much so I’ve been saving my energy to get through the day lol! 

Now to this post. When my husband and I designed our apartment before we got married, we stuck to grey tones & silver accents. The first Christmas we had we added pops of red to our Christmas decor, but it seemed out of place. Since then I have been adding on to the silver, gold, and glitter color scheme and love it more every year! Most of our Christmas decor is from Hobby Lobby & Target. I tend to reuse the ornaments every year while adding new details to keep it different. This year, I changed the center table decor and added the tall Christmas trees, traded the star on top of the tree for glittery swirl sticks and the ornament sticks (both from Hobby Lobby). The tree was too tall for the star and I didn’t want to but any of the branches because the tip was perfect, so this was a great alternative. I also added ribbon to my tree this year. I just cut short pieces and stuck them in empty places. It changed the whole look of the tree! I loved it!

If you want to know where anything specific is from, let me know in the comments below 🙂 

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