Paris Trip Recap

I know I have posted a little bit about Paris in THIS outfit post & THIS one, but I wanted to use today’s post to give you a full travel recap on what we did the day and a half we were there. 


First off, the travel to Paris was not bad. We flew with Lufthansa and the flight was fairly empty on the way there, so we both had room to lay across a few chairs and sleep. They also had a tv screen so it was nice to pass the time watching movies. I wore THIS outfit on the way there (highly recommend traveling with a hat!). We had a few hours of layover in Munich, Germany but the airport is gorgeous, so definitely didn’t mind.  

We then took an Uber from the airport to the hotel. We stayed at the Westin Paris- Vendome which I highly recommend. It is right next to Place Vendome (next pic below) which is a huge building with tons of luxury stores. We walked around and ate at Le Castiglione Cafe which was really good and stopped to get gelato (I can’t remember the name).
The rest of the day we kept walking around until we couldn’t feel our feet any more haha! We walked through a park to the Louvre Museum. We went inside the entrance, but we didn’t have anywhere near enough time to actually go into the museum so we will have to put that on our list for next time. We then kept walking to get on the Grande Roue de Paris (the famous ferris wheel). We went while the sun was going down and it was gorgeous! The city looked so pretty from up there and the ride went around a few times so it didn’t feel rushed. 
We ended our day riding a boat across the Seine River. It was so pretty looking at the buildings lit up at night along the river. I also loved watching the people from there. SO many people got together on the edge of the river with friends having picnics and hanging out together. It was like that through the parks too. The lifestyle seemed so much more relaxed and social, I totally envied that!


To start our day, we ate breakfast at Angelina which is known for their famous hot chocolate. I highly recommend eating here or at least stopping by for some treats!
Next, we walked around the city to the Notre Dame Cathedral. You may recognize the building from THIS post.
After walking through the cathedral, we took an Uber across town to Sacre Coeur to see the city. You could also go on top of the Notre Dame to see the city, but friends of our said the views were more worth seeing at Sacre Coeur so we didn’t wait in the long line and went there instead. We didn’t actually go inside, but toured the outside. We met an artist near the Sacre Coeur and decided to let him draw us in a picture together. It was also nice to sit for a while haha! 
If you keep walking along that street you’ll run into Place du Tertre. I loved it there. There were all kinds of different style artists everywhere and tons of restaurants and stores. I indulged in a strawberry nutella crepe at La Cremaillere 1900 and then gelato at Tutti Sensi…. This was hands down the BEST gelato I have had in my life! Seriously, it was so flavorful and creamy!!
After a little more walking, we took an Uber to get macaroons at Laduree. A lot of you all recommended it and it was so good!! I love the caramel and rose flavored ones! From a distance in that area you could also see Arc de Triomphe and there were tons of commercial shopping around. We had a few spare minutes to stop at Zara before going back to our hotel.
While my husband charged his phone (we used his for directions the whole time and I forgot to get a portable charger before we left… oops lol), I changed my outfit and we went to the Eiffel Tower. By now it was nearly dark and we went on the last ticket up. I am semi-scared of heights and claustrophobic so it was kind of scary at times, and the elevators up are packed with people so if you’re like me make sure you’re more towards the wall. It is so worth the view though, even going up! The city looked gorgeous at night! It was so romantic!

If you ever have the chance to take a trip to Paris, take it! Everything about the city is so magical and there is so much to see! We can’t wait to go again!


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