Finest Playa Mujeres, Mexico Review

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed I did a little sneak peek of Finest Playa Mujeres, a resort we went to last year. As we were booking this year’s vacation, we couldn’t help but compare everything to this resort, and our honeymoon resort, which set the standards super high for us. I decided to do a little blog review on last year’s resort for anyone that may be looking for a getaway soon! Also, keep scrolling to the bottom….there is currently a special deal going on! Enjoy!

Finest Playa Mujeres is an all-inclusive resort with a private beach. The resort is fairly new, we went just a few months after it opened and we were blown away by the service and how gorgeous everything was! It is a quick 25 minute ride from the airport. The resort in general is not specifically adults only, but the resort and beach is separated in a way where you don’t run into kids at the pool and beach if you want the true adults only experience. Also, there is a specific package “excellence club” that is specifically for adults. It included access to certain bars, pool, and restaurants that were specifically for those members and a seperate building for the rooms. Our room was super spacious and the view was gorgeous! We actually got that package and I am so glad we did because the adult only restaurant, the Bistro, was my absolute favorite and had brunch there just about every day!
So there are restaurants for literally anything you’re craving… I won’t go into detail on each restaurant you can check that out here, but we loved the food at every restaurant! Room service and pool/beach service is also included which makes it super convenient if you just want to take it easy. Also, there were bars in every corner. I think we had fruity drinks/smoothies every thirty minutes haha! Also, get ready for it…. theres a coffee/ice cream/pastry shop! I just about died when we found it! One more thing you should know before we move on to activities…. be sure to check the dress code of each restaurant for the time of day (I would look before so you know what to pack, men in particular). There are no reservations, but there were waiting lists so I highly recommend getting your name on the list of the restaurant you want to go to. We did this a few times after the beach before we got ready. We noticed we had to wait for seats more on the weekend when it was a bit more crowded at the resort, just a heads up! 
I loved this resort because you could never get bored, but you could find a place to relax if you wanted to. There were plenty of secluded areas all over the beach/resort if you like the quiet. There were also so many activities during the day like games, costume dancers, musicians, etc. Near the pool there was chess, pingpong, billiard, volleyball and lots of water activities that were included such as snorkeling, kayaking, sailboats, paddle boarding and some motor activities that were for a charge. There were also so many excursions to choose from. We did one where you took a boat across the ocean to Isla Mujeres to snorkel and ride a golf cart around the island. I highly recommend it! The water at Isla Mujeres was absolutely breathtaking and it was so fun exploring the little town for the day. Also, they various night time themes such as a white party, fiesta, and concerts.
I hope this helped give you a little idea of what the resort is like and possibly a destination for an upcoming vacay, you’ll love it! If you are interested in going there is actually a promo going on for up to 35% off certain dates so jump on it! Also, if you have any other great vacation spots I would LOVE to hear in the comments below! My husband and I are always looking for a new place to explore!

This post is in no way sponsored or affiliated with Finest Playa Mujeres and based on my personal experience. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Missy wrote:

    This looks so beautiful! I sent this to my friend that is looking for a new place to vacation. I will be saving this for later. Looks like y'all had a blast!

    Posted 6.21.16 Reply
    • simplylovely wrote:

      Aww! Thank you! So glad this was helpful. We definitely loved it there!

      Posted 7.2.16 Reply
  2. Unknown wrote:

    We are currently at The Finest. We selected the resort for our family after my husband and I stayed next door at The Excellence Playa Mujeres. I was so impressed with the Excellence next door and disappointed that the same level of luxury and amenities weren't available at their sister resort. There are good parts to The Finest, but I think there are still kinks that need to be worked out. I would highly recommend the excellence playa Mujeres. The location is fantastic. For me, I would give the finest some more time to work out their issues. I think it can be great. It's just not there yet.

    Posted 7.2.16 Reply
    • simplylovely wrote:

      So sad you are disappointed with your vacation! I've heard tons of good things about Excellence Next door, but have never been there to be able to compare the two. We visited Finest about 4 months after opening and and were surprised at how well they had it together considering how new it was. I do know they are open to feedback and would love to be able to work out the issues you had in order to improve the quality of their resort. Hope you enjoy the rest of your vacay!

      Posted 7.2.16 Reply