How To Dress For a Couples Photoshoot

One of my favorite parts of blogging is helping you all find outfits for special events or photoshoots. Matching with your spouse/family for a photoshoot can be quite difficult and the last thing you want to happen is to spend all this time outfit planning, getting everyone ready, get excited to see the photos only to be disappointed and ask yourself why in the world you wore that!!


Pictures can easily be ruined because something doesn’t fit well or is too high-maintenance. You definitely want to wear something you feel good in, but make sure it fits/photographs well that way it’s not something you have to worry about when you’re shooting. Getting pictures done can be awkward sometimes- “ok, now look at each other and laugh,” or “pretend you’re saying something in her ear” etc. Those usually turn out the best because half the time we’re like wait, what?! and just burst out laughing. My point is, the photographer is going to direct you into different angles and poses so the last thing you want to worry about on top of that is whether or your outfit is keeping up. 

Things I personally would stay away from is anything super form fitting especially around your abdomen where you’re constantly worried about sucking in or the material gathering up weird. If you do wear something form fitting make sure its your right size and I 100% recommend wearing a form fitting slip/Spanx to keep everything nice and smooth. It makes such a huge difference and you can tell it in pictures too! Choose something low maintenance so you’re no worried about it wrinkling on the way there or something you have to constantly adjust like a bow on your pants or a top that keep sliding down etc. Going back to making sure it fits well, wear something that you’re comfortable in, but make sure it fits well. I love oversized clothes especially when it gets cold, but you don’t want to choose something that makes you look like you’re swallowed whole in pictures. Wear something that compliments your figure and alter it if you have to to make sure it fits well. We got ready for this photoshoot super early in the morning hence the tired eyes and my husband threw on a few pants before we went with these. I don’t remember the last time he wore these pants, if he ever did, but we went with them in a rush-Take some time planning your outfits…if we had, we’d make sure his were a little bit better fitted, oh and definitely skip the early morning shoots haha! Baggy eyes don’t look good on anyone lol!


We went with a very monochromatic color palette in this photo shoot so everything matches nicely. When I pay to get photos done, I always make sure I know what I will do with the photos. For instance, I knew I wanted to take a few of these pictures and blow them up to put in our new house, so stuck with more neutral colors in order to match our furniture/style. I wore a white dress, he wore white shoes; I wore grey shoes, he wore grey pants, etc. Try sticking with 2-3 main colors and then add little details of color if you want, but having a color scheme makes it so much easier to plan everyones outfits. I also tend to lean towards solids vs patterns because it’s timeless. I do love patterns especially plaid or floral but always be careful its not something too trendy or too overboard. I love seeing family pictures with different people in the pictures wearing certain patters for example mixing plaid and solids for a fall photoshoot but if you choose patterns try to keep it to a minimal and choose 1-2 patterns. For example, you don’t want to be wearing a striped top under a plaid jacket, husband is wearing plaid button up, one kid is wearing polka dots and another is 
wearing striped tights and a plaid dress… you get the point, keep it simple. 


 I always stay away from putting anything in my hair or doing it way different than my normal everyday style. I had a headband in my hair for my wedding and it was pinned half up. I remember constantly touching my hair to make sure it still looked good, pieces weren’t flying out, the headband was straight, my veil wasn’t falling out and  just wish I had just let it all down curled without all the extra stuff. 


Simple is key! I wouldn’t use this time to deck out into all your favorite bold accessories or try a new style you haven’t tried before. Sure, there may be trends you’re obsessed with now, but if you’re going for having pictures blown up and hung around your house, I’d stick to something more classy that won’t go out of style in a season or two. We’ll look way different in these pictures years down the road, but I won’t ask myself what I was thinking when I got dressed for this shoot because it’s so simple/timeless. 


Now that you have your outfits ready, have fun with it! Getting pictures back is the best part of a photoshoot! During photos, just pretend that the camera is not there. Smile, laugh, and just be yourself!

DRESS || SHOES || BLACK VNECK (tons of colors) || SNEAKERS (more colors/this year’s style HERE) || PANTS (old from Zara, but he  also loves THESE



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